Friday, June 12, 2009

Father, Son and Friends

Last night I set up at the OY (theoldyork)
an eclectic salon style show of works from myself and my son.
It ended up being a late night, as I had to wait for tables to finish dinner and the crowd watching the Stanley Cup game to move along, but I eventually got everything up.
On Sunday June 14th, we will do a live canvas on stage from
4 to 6pm.

Elliott Lee
Elliott has always come out drawing and sketching with me at the cafes and galleries around Toronto since he was an infant. By the time he was a year and a half (with the fascination and determination to do the things I was doing) he was holding and drawing with my pens. He was born December 2003, and now has a wonderful way of forming his ideas with imagery. I remember one time when he was three he drew circles within circles, and I told him how it reminded me of the rings of a tree. I then pulled a cut log from the stack of fire wood on the back porch and described to him that for each ring in the cross cut, represented a year of the trees growth. In the case of the tree I was demostrating, it was 35 years old.
I drew this log in perspective to illustrate. He drew it this way for two weeks, with branches coming from it, and animals crawling around it, filling pages and pages of 17” X 22” sketch paper.
I always look forward to my time drawing with Elliott at places like the Old York, where friends that we know gather and speak of their own artistic practices in the art that they do.
Every Sunday for the next month and a half, I plan to do something there for anyone that wants to come by between 4 and 6pm.
Check in on this blog for updates, including a possible draw for a free original Randal Gordy Lee and Live Paint Sundays

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