Saturday, June 20, 2009

TAR (torontoARTrevival) Live Paint Night

Well we are coming up to another Live Paint Night @ the Old York.
Tuesday June 23rd, from 7-9pm.
(mind you, last Sunday night went until one in the morning)
Some great photos were taken by Ă“mar, and put on the Old York facebook fan club.
<----- like this one :)
This piece was given to Erin after it was signed by TAR.
I like how this collective piece has no single name, was produced in flux, and no monetary value was associated to it.
On Tuesday, I will be planning to create a raffle so that the piece will be given away in a draw. One does not need to be a participant, they can be a part of the audience.
I like how this process over product exercise leaves ego outside the door. There is no name to associate to it and there is no pressure to produce something that may not look great.
Just a physical presentation that is about bringing art back to a place that I think it is missing, It`s soul and unexplained connection to all of our creative potentials.
I hope to have a great series of photos for this show and maybe even a video.

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