Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This week in T-shirt design

In the past month I have been designing t-shirts for myself because my oldies are getting to tattered.
I am also lost in deciding what to give as Christmas gifts, so some of these just may do.
Here I did a line illustration with the old text of a CBC classic.
If you never new of
Louis Del Grande and the classic CBC TV series from the eighties then here is an intro

Rob Ford Nation has just recently had its first year bossing Hog Town around. So I needed to make up something to commemorate his first year, and for us all to remember the special, and I do mean "special", guest Rob Ford had speak for him.

Question, does Don Cherry even live in Toronto?

If you have forgotten this very intelligent welcoming speech by Mr. Cherry, here is a link to remind everyone.

and a T-shirt for Don Cherry, I printed mine white on hot pink.