Sunday, September 14, 2008

"In The Studio" new works by Randal Gordy Lee

"Home" acrylic on board, 42"X58", 2008

My paintings are composed from many sketches from journals that I write and draw in nearly every day. From these sketches certain compositions and postures haunt me and I have a need to repeat them. It is only when they find themselves in the process of the painting that I find a home for the image that I need to express. Sometimes this comes quickly and sometimes it will take longer than the rest of the paintings I am working on combined.

"Starling" acrylic on board, 42"X58", 2008

I like the strength that line can give to two dimensional painting. The play with perspective, showing as much of a story in a confined space, and leaving allot for ones imagination to fill in the rest. In part these paintings are as much a mystery of what they will become for me as they for the audience.

"Writer's Block" acrylic on board, 42"X58", 2008

This series of paintings and sketches has been greatly about solidarity. There has been allot of change in my life in the past few years and this has been the first story of work since these changes. The paintings, because of the devoted time it takes to make them have much more significant meaning to my expressionist style than the completed ink works in my recent past.

In my next blog I will talk about the change in my ink work and how I feel it is different in its process to the paintings I have been doing in the past eight years.

"Writer's Block" acrylic on canvas, 42"X58"

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