Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Road Can Be A Rash Reality

Last Sunday, was supposed to be my last chance to get a ride and some games of squash in before my wife went on vacation. The bent out of shape evening it did become, was an ambulance ride and almost a full night in emergency at the hospital. My bring home gifts: road rash, a swollen jaw, six stitches in my ear (splitting the cartilage), a separated rib, wip lash, all this and of course the headaches, fatigue and aches that would come with all that rattling noise. I've never had an accident like this before. I look quite the sight, worthy of stares, and questions, but without much of a great story to tell. Doing 40-45km at dusk I momentarily look back to see if my friend saw which turn I took, and as I turn back, Wham, speed bump. Where did that come from? No marker, no paint, it must of launched me 10-20 feet. I remember being air born. I remember hitting.

Then I remember a half hour later, some vague recollection of walking, in fact walked the remainder of the distance back from the spit to the main road were we flagged a car, and they called the ambulance with Dave's request. I did not feel much pain till the next day. Two days later and I'm an aching mess. Dave walked my bike back to his place, and unbelievably, when I went to get it, my good old trusty steed was in sturdy and stellar shape, aside from scuffings and blood spatter. I think I must name my bike now after this dramatic evening, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears even the split one?

I will be giving the details of the next "Live Paint" in due time.

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