Saturday, June 27, 2009

Live Paint Night

Portrait yet to be completed.
Ómar with Puffin Daddy @ the OY - 2009

Last Tuesdays Live Paint Night did not have as many participants on stage but again it was a wonderful night of painting and conversation. We did not start until 8pm, and didn't let the paint start to dry till one in the morning. A much different out come to the abstract line piece of the previous week.
We did not end having a draw this evening. Being a portrait of Ómar and the Old York's mascot puffin.
TAR (torontoARTrevival) has decided to give the canvas to him after completion.
I will post photos of the finished canvas next week.
Our next post will also give the details of July's Live Paint, and I will be giving lots of notice to make plans.
John Viljoen was in attendance for the night and added in the fun. John is a excellent portrait painter from Toronto, see his works here:
If anyone is interested in seeing my work online, heck:

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