Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Present, Past, Future

OK... finally sitting in front of the computer, finalize my past weeks TAR posts on the new facebook page. It was a rough week, some jobs took longer than others, so I posted a more content that explains my personal work. 
I need to explain though that TAR is not to promote my art only, but also other artists too, whether, visual, musical, sculptural, and etc. At the moment I will use it to introduce myself and the kind of work I do as I build a new network of artists to share with.
So week two of "A Drawing A Day".

Tuesday the 11th

This is a sketch of my son in my studio. I have used this as my profile pick often. Really like the way he had poised his arm behind him

This is a line sketch I did for an older painting called Solitude. I have unfortunately lost most of the photos of my work, but I still am in possession of the original painting so I will have to take some new photos of it.

Wednesday the 12th

This drawing is taken from a photo from the 1950's.
The boy was dressed up as a pirate so I wanted to involve him in a moment that would depict the imagination of the pretend world that he was immersed in. 
With the curtain I also wanted to give a sense of theatre, that which we artists have never fully let go of, that inventive part of our youth.

Thursday the 13th
This my son, Fearless, never stops moving. Endless energy, and endless questions, and yes, this is something he would probably do.

Friday the 14th

This was an illustration I did some years ago.
I have always been drawn to narrative work that is strong in symbolism. Many have called my work during this period, Folk Noir.
This image influenced one of my favourite pieces in the series of paintings, "In The Studio".

Starling - 24"x48" - acrylic, collage on board

In the series "In The Studio" all the sketches came from work I did during a really cold winter we had some years back. Light reflects differently in temperature but also the body and mood does so too.
I played with the feeling, perspective, and reflection of line, in this series. Even though it can not be scene in this photo, the pages on the floor are original pages from my journals that led to this work.

Saturday the 15th

Weekends, tough to get much done, but I have a lot to share. This was a sketch I did when living, struggling, and feeling lost between changes in my life. Living in Canmore Alberta, was not the same as my hopes before moving there from Vancouver were. 
Luckily I had good friends in Calgary, and met some great people that helped me without ever wanting anything in return.
Even though it was a hard time for me, personally, I would never take it back because of the wonderful and good people I met there.

Sunday the 16th
These are a few of the other sketches from my sketch books that encompassed the work that went into the art show "In The Studio".
Monday the 17th (end of week two)
Finished in the morning. I show the final to the person that commissioned it tomorrow.
Yin Yang, duo dragons, light and dark, moon and sun forever consuming one.

Well that wraps up week two of a"drawing a day for the month of September".
Check in on TAR (torontoARTrevival)'s facebook page for daily drawings or tune in next Tuesday for the full weeks work.
I leave you with a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which I have used on the back of my TAR business card.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, 
begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and
magic in it."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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