Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Drawing A Day

So for the past week I have been posting a drawing a day on my new facebook page
TAR (torontoARTrevival).
I am going to recap the week of drawings every Tuesday on my blog. It was supposed be every Monday but after a weekend doing things with the family it makes Monday morning a little challenging.
Thank you to everyone that has liked my page, I hope that you have been enjoying the pictures. I am already making plans for October, but that news will come later.
Day one, as you can see on the blog post from last week, I started with a dedication for my wife on her birthday.

Tuesday the 4th 
This is a picture of my nephew that my sister sent me. There is another one of him sailing that is really nice as well, but that I will draw another time.
Wednesday the 5th
My parents home is full of books, it was like growing up in a library. My Mother had a few books on Tarot cards. I found the images allowed the mind to wonder, and create a story of why this scene would exist. To this day I love symbolism in art. Simple objects that can have universal and vast meanings when placed in different context.
Thursday the 6th
I will let the viewer decide on this one.
Friday the 7th
Toronto has the largest high rise growth in the world, 132, and I am sure that number is growing.
So this t-shirt was inspired by the view out my back window.

Saturday the 8th
This one is not a new picture, it was made last year, but week-ends, (especially this one was quite hectic), so I decided to post this and another bike picture. I will be adding to this theme in the weeks to come. I am playing with the idea of doing a bike art show, and for anyone that knows me I am an avid cyclist. I could live on a bike.
Sunday the 9th
I have two pictures for this day. This one I made into a t-shirt. It was from a small line gesture sketch that I quickly scribbled off to get a feeling of someone riding a bike. I blew it up and printed a one off for myself, since then I have done the same for another half dozen people that I bump into. I have played with the thought of investing making more, but not right now.
this is the other bicycle drawing. It is a detail of a 1930's Bianchi.

Monday the 10th
After I sent the picture of my first tarot card to my Mother to see, I asked what card was her favourite. She said it was The Magician. So this one is for her.

That wraps up this week. If you want to follow my drawings daily, here is a link to the facebook page
TAR (torontoARTrevival).
If you don't use face book then just tune in to this blog every Tuesday.
I will sign out with a quote from Kurt Vonnegut that I feel fits TAR.

To practice any art, 
no matter how well or badly,
is a way to make 
your soul grow.
So do it

Kurt Vonnegut

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