Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Study

I started on some watercolors this weekend. A continuation of the last series of inks I had done. The imagery is similar, manipulating human form to express mood. There is something in this that I want to see more of. The placement of the form in a super exposed environment, leaving a stark reality to the disfigured form’s nakedness, a desert, an ocean, places that the self can't hide but can very much be forgotten by society.

There is always a key or a way out of our hardships but we are often unaware of them because of the fury of negative thoughts we are overburden by. How many times does one today, stop for even one moment to not think about anything without the wave of, "must do this, and must do that", washing up upon our shores of rushed responsibilities.

I've been puttering at cleaning up my studio. So much paper, so many little things that I don't know what to do with. Things that you know would get used if they had a proper place to be remembered.
Thoughts are like this. Our awareness of our environment is like this. Coincidence is not some gift given to guide our direction, but rather your sudden awareness of something that was always there in front of our eyes wide shut. It is when the mind is quiet from our stress and responsibilities that we can organize the clutter, giving a proper place for those thoughts we need to express.

I would not want to know myself if I had not continued to write and create art and be inspired. If I had let the gods of hopelessness and anger and depression blind me of what I could become, then I would be an empty spirit waiting till the end.

Your glass is never meant to be full because one needs room to fill it.

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