Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The beginning

The Beginning

This blog is my own way to communicate my views about life and art, my loves, my losses, my revelations, my growth in being human.

I hope to find a little of my past, and dream a little of my future. But mostly I wish to focus on myself, in the now, and in the present moment, snapshots of my thoughts without what could be or could have been, making best of the present.

I have had more time recently at home due to minor surgery caused my Cohn’s disease. I usually write in my journal everyday, but I decided I would try and get with the times and try this blog. I sketch and write allot but a new business that my wife, Danielle, and I opened a year and a half ago has taken up allot of my time, so my time to visit my old art friends, do the gallery hop and promote my work has become less important than just making sure that the story of my work represents me. We also have two beautiful children, Elliott who is 3-1/2 and Polly Joe who is 1-1/2. They are a huge handful, but they open your eyes to what is so great about life and never fail to amaze you in the way they perceive and approach living and adapting.

Last fall my wife was diagnosed with locally advanced breast cancer. She, a powerful pillar in my life, has cemented the belief in me that she is a hero. To have gone through the battle she has endured in the past nine months to keep cancer from conquering her spirit gives me great pride in being her husband. Her recent CT scan showed negative to any spread, and her tumor markers are normal. She has changed to a macrobiotic diet and meditates as often as she can. She fully understands the importance of living in the moment.

The name of this blog is TAR, Toronto Art Revival. Whether this name will go any farther than these pages, I can't say. It is just a name and what will come will hopefully give it definition.

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