Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Last Week Of A Drawing A Day

We now wrap up the first month of TAR (torontoARTrevival)'s facebook page launch. I will still be posting my art works and the works of others but I will be tackling new topics for the month of October. I will get into details about this after I finish recapping the past weeks drawings.
Tuesday the 25th
I have started a series of ink drawings that I wish to later do in water colour, graphite and ink. This series will be called "Wax", inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus. I have only three pieces, so I will be posting its progress in the weeks to come. Here is the second of this series

Wednesday the 26th
"Old Elm"
This is a drawing of the old elm tree on my parents property in Nova Scotia. It is one of the only elm trees in the area to survive the ravaging dutch elm disease that destroyed so many trees in the 1980's and 1990's.
Thursday the 27th
The image of the hand and the elephant was stuck in my head for months before I sat down and finally started drawing it. This is common, that I will have images that seem to "haunt" me till I get them out on paper or canvas, or just tell them visually any way I can.

This is the first of the "Wax" series

Friday the 28th
"In Those Waves"
This is another of my older ink works.
The series of work at this time I like to call "Folk Noir".

When I was in my late teens, I use to do a lot of drawings of sport players. I was a big baseball fan so I started doing drawings for myself and my Father and Mother. Next thing I new I was drawing pictures for all my friends. 
So I decided I would do a new sport player drawing , twenty years later, of David Silva.

Saturday the 29th
This jade Buddha has sat on the mantle piece at my parents home, framed by two pieces of drift wood, for as long as I remember. It's belly worn by wishes.

Sunday the 30th
"Point Of No Return"
I will let the narrative of this picture explain itself.

So that wraps up the first month of TAR (torontoARTrevival)'s facebook page launch.
For the next month I wish to bring attention to the subject of art and the city.
The past month has been about my own work. But I wish now to discuss the city I live in. How a city changes the people, and how the people change the city.
A big part of this is how we interact and see our public art. I wish to show this in three topics. 
The first ten days of posts will be on public sculpture, the places they are presented in, and the artists that have been commissioned to create them. 
The second ten days of posts I wish to show and document the beautiful, dynamic but yet controversial (to some) work of graffiti artist. 
Then I will finish this with another ten days on the massive change of Toronto's sky line, architecture.
These are three strong discussions that effect our lives in an urban environment. 
To keep in touch daily on our face book page, please come visit TAR (torontoARTrevival)  
I will be posting on this blog at the end of each topic as well.

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