Saturday, January 16, 2010

About Art

Like every thing in life, practice and an obsessed determination, through an aspired task, leads to the souls language.
Only through making a form, natural through determined work, can one master the intuitive nature of the medium in relationship with one’s soul.

How can the soul speak of the art, if the soul does not know the art?
The process over the product is what is the art.
Cause, statement, political emphasis, are all spoken languages that need not ART to help define.
Art is the souls language, with a medium that makes the artist one, (like a marriage), it is the vessel that speaks to the heart.
Statement, cause, and “trying to hard” are the devil to true inspired work.
To experience the moment of practice, “Erika”, it is to BE in the MOMENT of god.

Randal Gordy Lee
Winter 2010

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Craphammer on Blogger said...

Wow. Just wow.

Thank you, Randall.

These are words all of us need to hear and read a bit more often in our lives.